About the Website

The VHL Model Website is a space to integrate information for VHL managers and those interested in knowing or adopting the Model. After the reformulation, it has maintained the same substructure of contents and gathered some new information, divided into different areas.

In the VHL Management session, you will find the VHL guides, examples of projects and structure of a responsibilities matrix, models of documents, meeting records and other materials to help implementing and conducting a VHL.

In the VHL History session, there are books, guides, declarations and other publications about the VHL, in addition to the historical records of the Regional VHL Coordination Meetings.

In the Methodologies and applications session provides a first contact with the methodologies and technologies that sustain the development of the VHL information sources, and also offers links to techical details of the apps, for both librarians and system analysts. The technical part is developed in wiki and is constantly updated by the BIREME/PAHO/WHO team, with the colaboration of the members of the VHL network.

Among the innovations incorporated to the VHL Model Website, the search engine resources have been improved and a new area to display the network’s news is now available. The new portal prioritizes the integration of contents and exchanges between the actors involved in the network, as to provide a consistent communication channel and the promotion of services in a more efficient way.


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