Methodologies and applications

All the methodologies and applications that compound the VHL model aim to promote and support the management and operation of the information sources in a decentralized way by stimulating the cooperative network, enlarging the visibility and accessibility of the network of contents.

The development of methodologies and applications is shared throughout the network, in a cooperative and decentralized way and is coordinated by BIREME, aiming to involve and make good use of the different abilities of the institutions in the creation process of information sources. The exchange of good practices in the use of methodologies and technologies in the VHL environment enriches the transparency of the interactions between the network members, specially through the intensive use of cooperative spaces.

This set of methodologies and technologies aims to integrate the different information flows and sources, promoting the convergence of social networks, networks of contents and learning environments of the many geographic and thematic VHL instances in one VHL network only. Therefore, the VHL network, as a cohesive structure with its instances being a part of an organic network, adopts the central concept of interoperability in the organization of its information sources.

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