Management Database

The VHL model involves the management of collections of scientific and technical literature and offers apps to support this activity.


  • LILACS Methodology and LILDBI-Web

The LILACS Methodology is a part of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) in continuous development, and is constituted by rules, manuals, guides and apps destined to the collection, selection, description and index of documents and generation of databases. Its development started in 1985 under the need of a common methodology for a decentralized treatment of scientific and technical literature in health.

Using this methodology, countries that compound the Latin American and Caribbean Information Center in Health Sciences have created local and national databases and are able to cooperate with the feeding of LILACS database, contributing to its bibliographic control and to the dissemination of scientific and technical literature of the region, in the technical cooperation model established by the VHL.

LILDBI-Web is a program developed by BIREME that aims to facilitate the elaboration of bibliographic descriptions, supporting the archivist in the creation of bibliographic records according to LILACS standards. Your name comes from “LILACS Descrição Bibliográfica e Indexação” and is accessed through Internet browsers, so “web”. The main objectives of this program are: to allow the decentralized feed of bibliographic databases, support their maintenance and ensure a strong quality control of data in the index and exportation to LILACS.

Uses Apache 2.2.x and PHP 5.3.x as prerequisites and has packages for Linux and Windows. It is a free distribution Web app.

For further information about LILACS Methodology: click here

For further information about LILDBI-Web: click here

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