VHL Portal

BIREME makes use of open source tools for the creation of the Virtual Health Libraries – VHL portals, according to information architecture standards, accessibility and responsivity. By using these resources, a VHL portal can integrate different information sources in a unique search device and make available services to facilitate user’s integration.




VHL Plugin for WordPress

The WordPress (WP) open source platform has a large set of resources to make it easier, pleasant and attractive the experience of publishing in the Web. WordPress provides a great deal of free of charge plugins to extend both original resources and functionalities and maintained by a large community of developers from severla countries.

In order to make it viable the creation of VHL portals, BIREME developed the VHL Plugin for WordPress that has been updated and perfected by the VHL developers network community (RedDes) and that has been adopted by partner institutions’ network to publish their VHL portals as a replacement of previous VHL Site application.



Installing and downloading the VHL Plugin for WordPress: http://wiki.bireme.org/en/index.php/VHL_Plugin_for_WordPress

For information on installing WordPress please access: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress

Using the VHL Plugin for WordPress manual: http://reddes.bvsalud.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/PluginBVSparaWP-EN.pdf

Migrating contents from VHL Site to Plugin VHL for WordPress : http://wiki.bireme.org/en/index.php/Using_the_script_for_migrating_from_VHL_Site_5.x_to_Wordpress



VHL-Site is an application developed by BIREME to manage a Virtual Health Library portal, allowing the integration of information sources and yet creating and publishing the contents for the VHL users. The applications has been discontinued in 2012 due to its substitution by the VHL Plugin for WordPress, and had its last version as of 5.3.2.



For further information and documentation: http://wiki.bireme.org/en/index.php/VHL-Site

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