Virtual Communities

The collaborative spaces integrated to the VHL ease the inception and organization of general knowledge presented as news, files, images, discussion forums, chats and blogs. Spaces like those are increasingly being used for the exchange of relevant information about specific themes in Health.

The development of Virtual Spaces or Communities (or Online Collaborative Spaces) in the VHL has been constantly evolving since 2004, and several improvements have been allowing their integration to other VHL information sources.

  • Collaborative Space

Collaborative Space is a tiki wiki based app that aims to strengthen the VHL model of technical cooperation based on information and knowledge management, through an effective and periodic communication policy among its users. Communication is promoted through easy access to the available information, such as images and file galleries, news, discussion forums, chats and blogs, which characteristically integrate a virtual community.

Uses Apache 2.2.x and PHP 5.3.x as prerequisites and has packages for Linux and Windows.

It is a free distribution Web app. For further information: click here

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