Websites Catalog

The VHL model has a methodology and an app to provide a catalog of health-related websites, that joins VHL’s information sources.

  • LIS and LIS Methodology

The Localizador de Información en Salud – LIS (Spanish for Health Information Locator) is a health-related websites catalog, built based on quality and relevance standards. It provides a description of those websites and links to access them.

The LIS methodology, on the other hand, enables the creation of a website catalog that contemplates the interests of people involved in a determined area of Health Sciences. This methodology is based on GILS (Global Information Locator Service) and is in Dublin Core format, with some fields for additional information.

Uses Apache 2.2.x and PHP 5.3.x as prerequisites and has packages for Linux and Windows.

It is a free distribution web app. For further information: click here

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