Models of Documents

This directory displays several models of documents to help VHL managers in the organization of activities and articulation of the VHL network.

The base document of evaluation of a VHL instance purpose is to orient and support the process of evaluation of the portals and VHL websites, which contributes to the quality control of the instances and also acts as a model of evaluation report sent to the VHL instances that plead the certification.

Meeting reports are an important part of the VHL history once they provide important information about the its progress, which is the reason why they shall always be published in the ‘About the VHL’ session.

  • Model of Invitation Letter for Meeting of Advisory Committee (available only in Spanish and Portuguese

Proposal for invitation letter for institutions compose the Advisory Committee of VHL.

VHL instances are developed based on projects that detail which information sources shall be available in the VHL instance. These projects shall define priorities according to the needs and resources available and designate the apportionment of responsibilities in the network. This document presents a model structure (template) to elaborate projects and shall be used after reading the Guide to elaborate a project proposal.

This document works as a guide in the elaboration of project proposals, and contains the structural description of a proposal, followed by a set of presentation resources and prompt layouts available to who is working on a proposal.

The responsibilities matrix is part of the development plan of the VHL and indicates, for each one of the information sources available in the VHL, a coordinator institution and which shall be the cooperative ones. The information sources must be detailed in the specific projects in order to facilitate their implementation and decentralized operation.

  • Logo of a VHL

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