VHL Certification

The evaluation process of VHL instances keeps evolving by the years, in tune with the evolution of the VHL Model itself. In its actual conformation, the evaluation that grants to a VHL the “Certificated” status – also called Certification Assessment of the VHL – is a solid process to ensure that the certification is granted only to those instances featured by their quality and dynamic and cooperative work of their consulting committee. The certification recognizes the excellence standards in attending users’ needs and initiatives that may exceed their expectations in that matter, keeping the democratization of the access to information in health as a top priority.

The certification stamp

This stamp’s purpose is to inform which of the VHL network instances are certified and highlight them, acting at the same time as a quality control label to users. The planning and development of the certification stamp has been conducted by BIREME/PAHO/WHO team and is added to the footer of the VHL instance homepage, next to the indication of the institution that is responsible for that instance. The stamp provides a link to a page containing the certificate edited by BIREME, with some important information about the instance and date of certification. The instructions on how to insert the Certification Stamp in the VHL instances are available at http://wiki.reddes.bvsalud.org/index.php/SeloBVS.

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