Results from the first meeting for Strengthening of LILACS

  On January 21st, Tuesday, an online meeting to conform Working Groups which will discuss relevant issues and actions to strengthen LILACS. In this meeting, BIREME has presented – in Portuguese, Spanish and English – the proposal for creation of 3 Working Groups

The actions, as well as the division by subject, have already been defined:
Up to January 31st  – inscription in the Working Groups
February 3rd  – beginning of the discussions and analysis within Groups
February 7th – definition of scope of the discussions of each Group, list of participants, working agenda and meeting calendar
April 11th – Delivery of the final reports of the Groups
April 16th  – Final meeting for presentation of reports of the Groups

The participation is voluntary and open to any professional from the network or interested in LILACS, which may join more then one Working Group:

GT1 – Contribution to LILACS
- Analyses of the network contribution and the network’s  capacity
- Process and flow of LILACS cooperation in LA&C countries
- Bibliographic control of the scientific and technical production of LA&C
- Is LILACS fulfilling its mission?
- What is the degree of completeness of LILACS? What is missing in LILACS?
- Integration with national and thematic databases and repositories

GT2 – Bibliographic description in LILACS
- What is the quality of the description and indexing of LILACS records?
- Importance of LILACS indexing
- Technical capacity of the network

GT3 – Quality of LILACS journals
- Analysis of the quality of LILACS journals
- Analysis of LILACS Selection Criteria
- Flows and processes of journal selection in the countries

Any doubts concerning participation and access to the groups should be sent to:

We would like to thank everyone for the participation and we are expecting your support also on next actions.